Karsten's Stuff

This page contains links to the stuff that I created. If you find it usefull, feel free to download and use it. Note that I do not take any responsibility on possible problems that might occure. Even though I am convinced that the software is of high quality, you run it at own risk.

Link Description
Word2BibTex Stylesheet for Microsoft Word 2010: Bibliography formatting according to the Bitex standard.
Details here.
The Substitutor A support script for the BibTex, but can be used for other purposes as well.
This script takes any plain text and substitutes special characters, in order to be conform to the LaTeX standard.
TacticTab A Win8 App that allows you to discuss, analyze and explain the tactics in sports, like a coach would show the positions of a team. A simple interface allows you to place players on a field.
Lego Toniebox Build your own Toniebox with Lego bricks (PDF). Pretty straight forward and mostly standard bricks or ones that are easy to replace. More in the Blog or on YouTube.
Soy Allergy Message & Explanation in Japanese When traveling to Japan with a Soy Allergy these might come in handy. More in the Blog.